Are Carpets Bad For Your Health?

You may have heard from someone or read that carpets are bad for you and that you shouldn`t get them for your home. Is that true? And if that`s the case why do so many people have carpets in their home? After reading this article you will have everything you need to know about how or if carpets really are bad for our health. Check out our post on "Are Carpets From Amazon Good?" HERE The simple answer is no, carpets are not bad for your health, in fact getting carpets for your home could actually improve you health not only physically but also mentally! There are many assumptions about carpets causing allergies, especially dust allergies. Allergies like this one is caused when dust and hair i

Should You Install Carpets On Your Stairs?

Yes and No. Ever had someone install carpets in your home and offered you to carpet your stairs? There are many benefits of carpeting your stairs but is it something you want to invest in? In this article we are going to list the pros and cons of having carpeted stairs and help you find out if its something for your home and lifestyle. Pros They cancel out noisy stairs Many people struggle with noisy stairs and are looking for a way to get rid of them. Getting installed carpets on your stairs could be a gamechanger and what you might be looking for. We know the struggle with noisy stairs especially if you have kids or pets running up and down the stairs all day. For light sleepers it can als

How To Style Carpets In A Industrial Home

Industrial design consists of materials like bricks, wood and metal and sharp lines. It can be a challenge to find the right carpet for a industrial-inspired home so we are going to make the job a tad easier for you by listing two different ways to style carpets in a Industrial Home. The first way to style carpets in your industrial home is with neutral-colored carpets. This can be anything from white and grey to black and army green. These colors go with so much so it will not be too difficult to find a color that will suit your home. Another plus about these carpets is that they add so much to you home while also keeping it fresh and clean looking. In this photo you can see that they have

Top 3 Outdoor Carpets For Your Home

Find your carpet HERE Outdoor carpets have become really popular and more and more people use them to decorate their homes and gardens. If you are considering to invest in a carpets for your outside area, but are not sure which color or style to choose, keep reading. In this article we are going to show you our top 5 outdoor carpets for this season. 1. Neutral-Colored Carpets Get the carpet in the photo HERE On our first place we have neutral-colored carpets. This can be anything from brown to beige to white. These types of carpets go with every plain color and can be matched and complimented in many ways. In the picture above you can see an example of a neutral-colored carpet. Read our art

Top 3 Carpet Cleaner For Your Home

Ever spilt something on your carpet that you just can't seem to get rid of? Did you try to get rid of the stains with no luck? Don`t worry! We will help you get the hold of the best solution by listing our top 3 carpet cleaners. There are many Carpet Cleaners to choose from and it can be a tough decision deciding which one you want to invest your money in. Therefore we have done the research for you and if you want to see our results keep reading. 1. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight, FH50700 On our first place is the Hoover PowerDash. With its 2xmore cleaning power and faster drying power this cleaner has become a bestseller on Amazon. It is also very lightweight so y

Are Carpets from Amazon Good?

On Amazon there is a variety of carpets to choose from and they all look so good on the pictures. But are they really that good a quality in real life and what can you expect when ordering a carpet from Amazon? Check out our posts on how to style carpets for your home and style HERE When buying carpets you want to do it in the most easy way and without driving around from one store to another. On the internet you can simply write down what you want and the options will be right there in front of you. You may even find the perfect carpet for your home! On Amazon you can find pretty much any carpet available out there and all on one website! Sound too good to be true right? And with all the ru

Top 5 Trendy Carpets In 2020

Are you looking to buy a new carpet but can`t decide which one to choose or what style you`re going to pick? Here are our top picks for trendy carpets this year. Geometrical Carpets Geometrical carpets like the one in the photo have been trendy for quite a while now, but new ones keep coming in all the time. They never seem to become off-trend and that is for a good reason. These carpets go with everything, they especially work well with clean surfaces and are defiantly something to invest in your room is looking a little empty. There are many colors and patterns to choose from like squares, circles, triangles and other geometrical patterns. Washed-out Carpets Washed-out carpets is on of our

How To Style Carpets In A Bohemian Home

A bohemian home consists of multiple warm colors, plants and nature-inspired decor. Carpets play a big part in this design and should be the center of attention or compliment other colors in the room. In this post we are going to show you different ways of styling carpets in a bohemian home. There are defiantly few limits when it comes to this type of style, but here are two examples of how you can do it. In this photo you can see that they have added a neutral-colored carpet to compliment the other elements of the room. If you imagine the room without a carpet you can clearly see that by adding this carpet the living room has defiantly gotten a warmer atmosphere to it and makes it more welc

How To Style Carpets In A Modern Home

A modern home consists of neutral colors, hard corners and airy rooms. Modern interior design can come off as cold and not so cosy, but also elegant depending on how you choose to style it. This is where carpets come in. So simple yet they really do add a lot to a room. It can change the entire atmosphere. Now, we are going to show you two examples on how to style a modern living room and describe how you can do it. In this example you can se a modern home styled with a neutral colored carpet with a stippled pattern. Here they have managed to make a modern living room look really homey and warm. This is because of one simple factor: nature. The tree, the lamp and the floor all play a big par

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