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Are Carpets Bad For Your Health?

You may have heard from someone or read that carpets are bad for you and that you shouldn`t get them for your home. Is that true? And if that`s the case why do so many people have carpets in their home? After reading this article you will have everything you need to know about how or if carpets really are bad for our health.

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The simple answer is no, carpets are not bad for your health, in fact getting carpets for your home could actually improve you health not only physically but also mentally!

There are many assumptions about carpets causing allergies, especially dust allergies. Allergies like this one is caused when dust and hair is floating around in the air and you breathe them in. This can cause irritation and eventually lead to allergies. Carpets manage to collect this dust so if you move around or there is a drift in the house every dust particle in your home will not become airborne. Of course over time carpets will have collected all kind of dust and dirt so vacuuming your carpet and getting them cleaning when necessary will have to be a part of your routine if it`s not already.

Another benefit carpets has on your physical health is that they prevent hard falls. So if you have kids or elderly people in your home carpets will soften the fall if they were to slip.

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When it comes to the benefits carpets has on our mental health researches have shown that walking on carpets reduce stress levels. This was shown in a study where over 40 people were asked to walk on a carpeted floor for ten minutes then a wooden floor for the same amount of time. In this study skin impedance values and electroencephalogram (EEG) were measured.

Carpets also reduce noise so stress or discomfort caused by noise from neighbours or the outdoors could be lowered significantly.

In addition to all this it is also shown that when people visits homes with carpeted floor they tend to stay longer. So unless you don`t like having family and friends over for a bit longer this is no disadvantage.

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