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How To Style Carpets In A Bohemian Home

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

A bohemian home consists of multiple warm colors, plants and nature-inspired decor. Carpets play a big part in this design and should be the center of attention or compliment other colors in the room. In this post we are going to show you different ways of styling carpets in a bohemian home. There are defiantly few limits when it comes to this type of style, but here are two examples of how you can do it.

In this photo you can see that they have added a neutral-colored carpet to compliment the other elements of the room. If you imagine the room without a carpet you can clearly see that by adding this carpet the living room has defiantly gotten a warmer atmosphere to it and makes it more welcoming.

Make your living room look like this by investing in a neutral-colored carpet with patterns in it. Style it with furniture and decor with warm-colored tones. We recommed you to not use strong colors such as neon. Pastels and faded colors will compliment the carpet instead of pulling the attention away from it. Find unique decorations such as the mirror in the photo or the table. Next go to a local shop and find some plants. There is no such thing a a bohemian home without plants in it.

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In this next example you can that they have added warm-toned carpets to a already warm-toned room which really adds to the bohemian style. They have manged to make the living room look clean and fresh and all the colors match one another perfectly.

In this example the room has a very beautiful wooden floor, but you can decorate your room like this either you have white, grey or any other neutral-colored floor. As long as you don`t have very strong neon like colors in your room you can decorate your room and give it a bohemian style. Of course you can still create a bohemian style if you have walls or floor with strong colors but in that case we would recommend colors that are nature based such as green, blue or orange. Other than that it goes the same as in the example above: decorate with plants and unique interior, but instead of choosing pastels we would recommend warm colors like orange, red, green, teal and yellow.

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