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How To Style Carpets In A Industrial Home

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Industrial design consists of materials like bricks, wood and metal and sharp lines. It can be a challenge to find the right carpet for a industrial-inspired home so we are going to make the job a tad easier for you by listing two different ways to style carpets in a Industrial Home.

The first way to style carpets in your industrial home is with neutral-colored carpets. This can be anything from white and grey to black and army green. These colors go with so much so it will not be too difficult to find a color that will suit your home. Another plus about these carpets is that they add so much to you home while also keeping it fresh and clean looking.

In this photo you can see that they have used a dark grey carpet which really compliments all the other aspects of the room. We would recommend you find a carpet that is the opposite tone of your furniture. For example if you are starting off with a black couch, a lighter colored carpet would fit in more than a darker colored carpet. But again this is all up you and what you choose!

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Another way to style carpets in your industrial home is by using patterned carpets. This can be anything from black and white patterns to persian carpets. This is for those of you who want to add a little more life and color to your home.

In this photo you can see that they have used a unique carpet with different colored squares to style their living room. It creates a nice atmosphere and is defiantly a conversation starter for the guests. Again you can use any kind of patterned carpet you`d like but we would recommend staying in the neutral or warm tones. For example pastels would not really go with the whole industrial theme.

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