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How To Style Carpets In A Modern Home

A modern home consists of neutral colors, hard corners and airy rooms. Modern interior design can come off as cold and not so cosy, but also elegant depending on how you choose to style it. This is where carpets come in. So simple yet they really do add a lot to a room. It can change the entire atmosphere. Now, we are going to show you two examples on how to style a modern living room and describe how you can do it.

In this example you can se a modern home styled with a neutral colored carpet with a stippled pattern. Here they have managed to make a modern living room look really homey and warm. This is because of one simple factor: nature. The tree, the lamp and the floor all play a big part in making this room complete.

Therefore in this example we will describe to you how you can use carpets to style a room with a warm colored floor, walls or even bigger furniture like a sofa. For a modern look you are going to want to get a neutral color for the carpet. From there you can do so much. Add pillows with colors, add plants and decorate however or whatever you`d like. The options are endless, but styling rooms with already warm tones to get a really modern look, neutral carpets will do the trick.

In this next example you see that they have started off with a very plain room but managed to make it look cosy and warm as well as modern. In contrast to the other example they have added warm colors to a neutral/plain room whereas in the picture above they did the opposite. The carpets as you can see are inspired by asian/middle-eastern design and make the room pop. These types of carpets have become more and more popular over the years and when styled correctly you can manage to make a room look very lively.

Other than that you can see the use of wood and natural colors that match the carpets very well.

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