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Should You Install Carpets On Your Stairs?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Yes and No. Ever had someone install carpets in your home and offered you to carpet your stairs? There are many benefits of carpeting your stairs but is it something you want to invest in? In this article we are going to list the pros and cons of having carpeted stairs and help you find out if its something for your home and lifestyle.


They cancel out noisy stairs

Many people struggle with noisy stairs and are looking for a way to get rid of them. Getting installed carpets on your stairs could be a gamechanger and what you might be looking for. We know the struggle with noisy stairs especially if you have kids or pets running up and down the stairs all day. For light sleepers it can also be irritating waking up every time someone has to use the stairs.

They prevent hard falls

If there are young kids or elderly people living in your home getting your stairs carpeted could make a big difference. Without carpets on your stairs slip- and fall accidents could lead to big injuries in comparison to carpets which soften the fall. We would also advice you to get carpets that do not get loose easily or make bumps in the stairs. On Amazon you can find a variety of safe carpets that are installed individually on each step. Otherwise we would recommend to to get someone professional to have the work done for you. This way you can make sure the carpets are as safe as can be.

They hide bad spots

If your stairs that are functional but not very nice to look at carpets could fix this problem instead of using tons of money on getting new hardwood stairs. There are many different types of carpets out there so finding the right one for you stairs will not be a problem. Of course if the spots are caused by leaks or mold or you`re not really sure where they come from we would recommend you to get the stairs checked before installing carpets and risking further damage which will ultimately cost you more!


Harder to clean

It goes without saying that it`s easier to clean your floors than it is to clean your carpets but that doesn't mean its impossible or that is has to be a hard job. Investing in a carpet cleaner could be life changing, especially if you have kids or pets in your home and stains occur repeatedly.

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They lower the value of your home

Hardwood stairs are more attractive to new buyers and the better condition they are the more they increase the value of your home. This does not mean carpeted stairs are bad, but if you are planning on selling your home in near future we would recommend to go for non-permanent carpets on your stairs. These can be bought in may different colors and styles and are easy to apply on and remove from stairs.

Now it`s up to you to decide. Does your lifestyle fit more into the pros or the cons?

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