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Top 3 Outdoor Carpets For Your Home

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

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Outdoor carpets have become really popular and more and more people use them to decorate their homes and gardens. If you are considering to invest in a carpets for your outside area, but are not sure which color or style to choose, keep reading. In this article we are going to show you our top 5 outdoor carpets for this season.

1. Neutral-Colored Carpets

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On our first place we have neutral-colored carpets. This can be anything from brown to beige to white. These types of carpets go with every plain color and can be matched and complimented in many ways. In the picture above you can see an example of a neutral-colored carpet.

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The carpet consists of white patterns and gives the carpet a nice look. The warm tones will go perfectly well with wooden furniture, but also with neutral colors like black and white furniture. In the photo you can see that they have used the carpet to style wooden furniture and decorated with plants. This gives the lounge area a natural and fresh atmosphere to it.

2. Bohemian-Inspired Carpets

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On our second place are bohemian-inspired carpets which have become very popular lately. All the colors are very flattering and will defiantly bring more life to wherever you`re planning on styling them.

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On the photo above you can se a carpet which can be used on both sides all depending on your preference. The carpet above can be styled to any color. On the turquoise side fresh colors like coral, orange, but also neutral-colored furniture would fit very well. On the brown side with blue patterns we would prefer more neutral colors, but again that is all up to you. Either way this carpet bring many styling opportunities to you home.

3. Artificial Green Grass

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Next we have Artificial green grass. These types of carpets are were nice if you want a clean and natural look. They are also really easy to style, clean and dry. Artificial green grass can also be used as a playground for kids as well as to style your lounge area. The carpet on the photo can be bought on Amazon where they sell all kinds of sizes and you can even customize the length of the grass. On Amazon you can even get the carpet in different colors like emerald and grey.

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