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Top 5 Trendy Carpets In 2020

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Are you looking to buy a new carpet but can`t decide which one to choose or what style you`re going to pick? Here are our top picks for trendy carpets this year.

Geometrical Carpets

Geometrical carpets like the one in the photo have been trendy for quite a while now, but new ones keep coming in all the time. They never seem to become off-trend and that is for a good reason. These carpets go with everything, they especially work well with clean surfaces and are defiantly something to invest in your room is looking a little empty. There are many colors and patterns to choose from like squares, circles, triangles and other geometrical patterns.

Washed-out Carpets

Washed-out carpets is on of our personal favourites and can be found in so many colors and patterns. These carpets can also be styled in every type of home. Either you are looking for a carpet for your modern home or bohemian home, washed-out carpets go with everything and add so much. Kitchens, living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, whereever it is you are looking for a carpet this style will do! It brightens up your room and bring so much life with it.

Fluffy Carpets

Could you imagine a better felling than waking up and putting your feet on to this carpet? Fluffy carpets have come back in style and have become very attractive. Although these carpets are better suited for your bedroom you can defiantly style them elsewhere. They defiantly have a classy-chick look to them!

Jute Rugs

Looking for a carpet for your farmhouse home? This carpet will fit right in! Not only does these carpets go with neutral and rustic colors, they also compliment both warm- and cold-tones so you will have no trouble finding a place for it. This carpet can be found in every shape but if you decide on a round carpet they fit especially well in corners and and lounge areas. Style it with nature-inspired decor and and plants and you will achieve a nice atmosphere to your home.

Persian Carpets

These vintage carpets become more and more popular with time and they are still, after many years in the spotlight beautiful as ever. In this example you can see how the carpet compliments every aspect of the kitchen and gives it a warmer atmosphere while still keeping it modern. These carpets can also be styled in many other categories of interior design such as bohemian, contemporary, asian and industrial.

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